Got to photograph some PBR, no not the beer that hipsters drink, professional bull riding! I had never done a PBR before, or for that matter even heard of it; but I gladly took the gig. It was a crazy night full of cowboy hats and Daisy Dukes and overall it was a great event to be covering.

0801_NCS_PBR-2 0801_NCSP_PBR-2-2 0801_NCSP_PBR-4-2 0801_NCSP_PBR-5-2 0801_NCSP_PBR-7-2 0801_NCSP_PBR-8-2 0801_NCSP_PBR-9-2


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Speedlight Mania

Doing assignments where I don’t have a lot of time to set up lighting before the subject gets irritated is something I have become pretty OK at. It has given me the chance to really take charge in situations and get my lighting down to a specific science.

These two shots are from two separate shoots that I did awhile back. The set up is simple, one light (Sb-600) fired off camera with a Pocket Wizard Plus X and shot through an umbrella. The light was set to the side of the subjects and raised a little, nothing too crazy for these shots.

0723_NCBC_GOLFART-7For this photo I was getting kind of “bored” trying to take regular portraits so I decided to frame the guy in golf clubs (he does golf club art). I though this would provide some more “story” to the photo overall. The speed light was camera left and set at 70mm to really have a focused been of light, or as much as I could shooting through an umbrella.

DSC_4327And for this the light was camera right, shot with a wider aperture to take away from the distracting background. Of course I still wanted some of the environment in my photo; this is one that I really had to just shoot on the fly, no thinking. The company was in the middle of making meals so the time slot I had was very small.

Nothing too fancy, just your everyday lit portraits.



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South Fort Myers High School Football

I though I would share some photos from a recent assignment. The Southwest Florida area is big into high school sports, especially the lee county area. These photos are from South Fort Myers High School’s first football practice of the season.0804_NCSP_PrepFBNotes-4-20804_NCSP_PrepFBNotes-6-20804_NCSP_PrepFBNotes-16-20804_NCSP_PrepFBNotes-14-20804_NCSP_PrepFBNotes-12-20804_NCSP_PrepFBNotes-8-20804_NCSP_PrepFBNotes-11-20804_NCSP_PrepFBNotes-17(Logan Newell/Naples Daily News)


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Flood photos

Some photos from flooding around Naples on Monday, August 4, 2014.






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A partially constructed house sits in Naples, Fl.

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My month in photos

I have been so busy and have had no time to real post anything on here so I figured I would give you my month in a few pictures.







Naples Daily News/Logan Newell Photography ©

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Everyone Rides

The 10th annual Everyone Rides bike race was hosted at Jetblue Park in Ft. Myers, Florida this year. Three time Tour de France winner Greg Lemond made an appearance also.


Naples Daily News ©

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LPGA in Naples

I was on assignment for The Naples Daily News shooting an event with some Ladies from the LPGA. It was a great Florida day for some golf.










Naples Daily News ©

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